Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1:46 AM

Bing Builds Malware Re-Evaluation

Microsoft Bing Logo

Microsoft Company has introduced 2 newer functions for Bing Webmaster Tools: the latest malware system and geo-targeting.

If Bing identifies that a website is generating malware (whether willingly or unwillingly) it will send a notice to the webmaster in Bing Webmaster Tools, and also alert users before they actually visit the website.
The new Malware tool provides information about the malware we detected on the site,” Bing says in a blog post. “Previously some of this information was encompassed in the Crawl Information tool, but with the new Malware tool you not only get access to more details that help you understand the nature of the issue, it also allows webmasters to submit and track a malware re-evaluation request once they have cleaned their site.”
Whenever a webmaster submits an application, they can right away track the status and escalate right inside the malware tool.

With geo-targeting, webmasters can provide Bing with information concerning the intended viewers of their website or of a portion of their site.
Whereas other Webmaster Tools let you geo-target sites only at the site level, Bing Geo-Targeting provides you with a more flexibility: multinational sites do not need to verify each section they want to geo-target separately,” says Bing. “Instead, Bing allows you to define a country affinity for your entire website or for sections of your website from within a single view and from within a single site account.”
Geo-targeting can be accomplished at the domain level, the sub domain stage, the directory level or the page level. Geo-targeting input will be utilized as being one of a lot of signals Bing uses when figuring out when and where to demonstrate your pages to users.