Thursday, May 16, 2013

5:36 AM

Google Mobile Study Shows Importance Of Mobile Search & Ads

Google released a research previous one Thursday on how exactly in-store shoppers use Smartphone’s.

The survey is useful for online marketers to determine how Smartphone users use search and other attributes although purchasing in retailers. The vital takeaways are:
  1. 79% of Smartphone owners are 'Smartphone shoppers'
  2. 84% of these buyers use their phones to assist shop while in a store
  3. The normal time a Smartphone purchaser uses their phone in a store is 15-minutes
  4. Buyers who use their Smartphone’s generally buy more while in the store
  5. Buyers pick search as their top in-store resource to assist in making purchase decisions , followed by store online sites and brand web sites
Here is a study:

I currently leased a whole new car and I sat in the sales discussions area on my Smartphone browsing Google for what others were able to lease the similar car for. I was able to bargain an excellent lease price because I had my Smartphone and I finished up walking out with the car I desired , paying a gosh of considerably less than I was able to have believed .

Google Mobile Study Shows Importance Of Mobile Search & Ads