Monday, June 17, 2013

1:49 PM

iOS 6 vs. iOS 7 Icon Comparison

iOS 6 Vs iOS 7

 The fresh and unique look in iOS 7 is enchanting the least and I am wondering that couple of people still can’t cover just how much Apple change to look of its mobile OS. Few people are quenching the iOS 7 has a terrible color match, while others are liking the radical fresh look. The upcoming generation of iOS will surely take few getting used to, but like any vary folk will come to accept it in time.

Likely one of the largest varies to the OS as a totally is fresh icons. I think everyone have seen the home screen of iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is one of the most often reached spots of your gadget and Apple has entirely varied the look of the stock icons to become much flatter. To demonstrate you how much the icons have varied an Infographic is encircling throughout the web that really displays you the difference b/w iOS 6 and iOS 7 that you can look out below.
iOS 6 Versus iOS 7 icons

The Infographic was made by @pawsupforu and lineaments twenty four icons that Apple has revamp for its new OS.