Monday, June 17, 2013

1:04 PM

Eventually Facebook Gets Hashtag Support

Facebook Hashtags

At last Facebook now supports #hashtags, like Twitter, Why everyone is following Twitter? I am still in some doubt. Facebook chatter about how this will assists sort out issues with search, discovery, and discussion and socially linked. So why did they delay this? Well, might be because it can watch spammy?

Everyone knows that #hashtags will be clickable on Facebook just like other giant social networking websites including Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest. When someone click on a hashtag in Facebook, you will see a live conversation of what other folk and pages are telling about that event or subject.

Facebook Hashtags of NBA

Facebook said you can do three things with hashtags on Facebook now:

It said you can do couple of things with hashtag on Facebook now:
  1. Explore for a particular hashtag from your search bar. For instance #Google and #TipTechNews
  2. Hit on hashtags that start on other services, such as Instagram
  3. Write posts right away from the hashtag feed and search outcomes.
Will you try #hashtag in your posts? Do you love this new feature in Facebook? Just mention in comment box