Thursday, June 13, 2013

11:17 PM

iTunes 11.0.3 for Windows & Mac OS

iTunes 11.0.3 Available

I have talked to various app developer on iTunes update but one give me appropriate response on that but I know that when Apple update their iTunes then everyone realize that how they miss iTunes update version. On 16 May 2013, Apple updated their iTunes 11.0.3 and it’s available to download for Windows & Mac OS. Apple has just updated an iTunes 11.0.3 in public with mass update to iTunes Mini play UI (user interface) improvements, enhanced Songs View, and multi-disc albums. In this newly update iTunes 11.0.3 comes up with various news line up, and also bug fixes to older version of iTunes. Now you ask what major update in this is. Mini Player is the major update in iTunes from Apple and it also added ironic application for both Windows & Mac OS systems.

Hero Gallery Overview

I think it’s sensible to say that, due to the core changes to the entirely iTunes UI, several consumers had a touch of harder familiarizing themselves with the update navigation. Plenty I have talked to don’t look to like it at all, but whatsoever your own views may be about the look and feel of iTunes 11, I am thinking that it’s considerably more functional than the old iTunes 10,

If you can see the Mini Player on Windows & Mac now features to display the album art on the screen in a lovely way and why they added this because let the consumers interact with iTunes easily. In this new feature it doesn’t have bug, it’s totally bug fixes and sinking the old UI that puzzles the user on how to take handle over the music Library with mini player view of iTunes. Moreover, Apple has improved their songs view in iTunes 11.0.3, which enable you to easily discover the music album art on iTunes. Apple also did the complete modification log of iTunes 11.0.3:

iTunes 11.0.3 Update Change Log

If developers or Windows users want to update your iTunes right now by departing through the software update route in your app. Or if anyone don’t currently run iTunes on your Windows or OS X machine, simply browser to to get the latest update version.

iTunes 11.0.3 Update PopUp

I have tried out on a Macbook running the lasts and biggest OS X Mountain Lion, and also a HP laptop with Windows 8 Machine, and entirely thing looks to work as it should. Although it maintain the iTunes software much more efficiently than it used to, frequently bugs can well slip by the net, and it you do place any, be sure to let us know by writing a comment below.