Thursday, June 13, 2013

11:42 PM

Apple Logo

APPLE recently introduced its new os for its iPhones and iPads though with numerous features it could be a little bit puzzling to determine which function is available on which gadget.

Do not be afraid , the high-quality people at The Apple lounge have constructed a convenient graph which thoroughly clarifies all the fun stuff that will be available on Apple Devices

Apple's brand new music streaming program , iTunes Radio will likely be available on all gadgets , nonetheless Australians are likely to skip out.

The streaming program is only available in the US.

Multi-tasking is a function which are available on all smartphones , when will square video codecs and swipe to get.

Panoramas and picture and video filtration will be reduced to just available on the iPhone 5 , iPod touch and iPad 2 , iPad with Retina display and the iPad mini.

The brand new OS are going to be available to download as an modify in Early spring . Apple did not really offer any additional launch times.

Handy Chart Explains Features of Apples New OS, iOS 7