Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2:07 AM

Spoiler watchful : So many people are dead

Spoiler watchful - So many people are dead

Game of Thrones, the best way that dare you removed our hearts and bolt them up just like a Dothraki bride?

The horrific culminate to the suspect "Red Wedding" left GoT viewers stunned, distraught and longing a few bloody revenge on House Lannister . Lovers stepped to Twitter to convey their wrath, and console almost every in 140 characters of Stark-loving commitment.

When the sorrow and anger are too much, there’s an always happy moment. In no doubt, titters can't get the Stark family together again, but rather you can take a rest from composing irritable mail to George R .R. Martin.

Or, in nutshell:

End Game

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