Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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WARNING: Avoid read further if you have had not seen Sunday night's show of Game of Thrones, "The Rains of Castamere." The truth is, don't hop on the internet whatsoever. And possibly keep away from contact with every other human.

Brace Yourselves
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Previous night, the disaster that numerous Game of Thrones lovers knew was returning — whether from books or from a dangerous barrage of online spoilers — eventually happened. Yet the not left had probably over heard whispers of previous night's condemned "Red Wedding."

Lovers of both the books and appear saw in scary as Ned Stark's eldest son and King of the North was Disappointed by Walder Frey and Stark bannerman Roose Bolton. Robb's mother Catelyn endured a horrific stabbing. Robb's pregnant wife Talisa was brutally stabbed. Even Robb's direwolf Grey Wind was hit down in a pen — not forgetting the vast choice of Stark troopers who were killed off as they cherished the wedding outside.

The moment the episode aired, lovers erupted in scary and wrath across social media. A Twitter account named @RedWeddingTears started out to retweet the most anguished reactions.

Listed below are 20 of the extremely outraged reactions to previous night's painful closing, showcasing just about all 7 levels of suffering, many death threats and a wide range of profanity:
Game of Thrones Red Wedding

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