Tuesday, June 11, 2013

12:25 AM

Google In-Depth Rich Snippets Articles?

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It has confirmed that they are trying to discover new type of search result, might be a rich snippet, and called "in-depth" articles. Peter Meyers (@dr_pete) from SEOmoz but now we called Moz sent an email to Barry Schwartz, which he still can’t repeat himself. But Google did verify to Barry Schwartz at search engine land that this is indeed a test and not a Web browser extension. Following is the screen shot displaying off the outcomes.
The following screen shot displaying off the results:

Google In Depth Snippets

Distinctly, Now I am showing you some local reviews of restaurants that match the query in that position. In this outcome, the query was for Mexican restaurant, the search was done while in Chicago. The thorough outcomes came from Reason, New York Times and Wall Street Journal.