Friday, June 28, 2013

1:25 AM

Is Google Building a Games Console and SmartWatch?

Google King

This morning I opened some tech site, on that website mentioned that Google is reportedly working on an Android base smart watch and gaming console to battle device Apple is bruited to launch, reports the WSJ.

Along the digital watch and game machine, Google desires to battle same devices that Apple Inc. Might be possible they release that feature in the future, according to the folk. Google is also gearing up to release a new edition of an Android powered media streaming device, called Nexus Q, that was brought out last year but not sold to the audience, these folk said.

Google described plans to design and market the gadget on its own and bring out at least one of them this fall.

Rumours have been rearing that Apple is working on a new gadget called iWatch but we have still to watch any cover fact of a such a device.

Google Is Developing Android-Powered SmartWatch & Game Console