Thursday, June 27, 2013

11:55 PM

Windows 8.1 Preview Released

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview Released - What it Means and How to Get It

I like the Microsoft company vision because before they launched Windows 7, they visualized what the next edition f Windows would need to deliver but now Microsoft launched a preview of their update edition to Windows 8 two days before. TipTechnews have got the complete information’s and detail, beginning with how to get your hands on it.

Remember: we entirely took that picture from Microsoft’s blog. Did they care? No.

Give Me the Information!

Before we share you the download url, there are numerous things which you should take care:
  1. Windows 8.1 will be a free of cost edition to Windows 8.
  2. Windows 8.1 will be available via the Windows App Store today; however, you’ll need a little bit update to gear it.
  3. One day before, there was an ISO image download of Windows 8.1, MSDN and Technet readers can already download the ISO release.
  4. Crucial: Once you upgrade edition to the windows 8.1 Preview, you can’t upgrade from that to the last release afterward this year.
  5. Few PCs will not work the 8.1 update, and the 64-bit version doesn’t run in a VirtualBox virtual machine from what we can tell.
Initial, you will require clicking to link and downloading a small app to begin the update. Open and install that new edition update first. You will be asked to restart at the end.

Windows 8.1 Update Status

When you restart, you’ll be reminded to head to the store to get the update.

Windows 8.1 Reboot

This update wasn't running in VirtualBox for us, but it should work differently.

What’s New in Microsoft Windows 8.1?

Therefore wasn't as you were gonna learning to like it. Plus they renamed it from Metro to Latest, which piled everyone much more baffled.

Come on guys face it – Everyone knows that Windows 8 was not famous, and while there were a dozen of really good improvement and accelerate boosts under the hood, there is a tool, which we called paint, that job made folk very disturb. The fresh “Metro” start screen was only pulled on everyone, but you could hardly change it,

People is complaining about Windows 8 start button but now Microsoft solved out that problem in Windows 8.1 because that were biggest complaints by Windows users. The fact that you could no stayed boost to the desktop, Other thing else was really not important so what are the most prominent new features?

  1. Start Button is Back:
  2. Boot to Desktop is an Option:
  3. Search is Unified:
  4. Better Start Screen Personalization:

There are a dozen of other enhancements in Windows 8.1, but those are the most significant

We will be updating this article with more data about how to install the new edition ASAP as we get information’s on it.