Saturday, July 27, 2013

12:19 PM

Apple Developer Center Onlne

More than couple of week of shutdown, Apple developer center is eventually return back on same position. We have got numerous alerts from developers claiming us they are able to sign in to the iOS and Mac developer center.

Apple didn't want to shutdown their developer center but by force they close down its developer website down after a security breach last Thursday.

On Thursday Apple gathered all human resource to settle their developer center website back online, and has also pushed out the system status page to provide the accessibility of the developer systems.

According to the Apple system status page, plenty number of developer services such as Certificates; Identifiers & Profiles are back on line. Nevertheless, other services such as Apple Developer Forums, App Store Resource Center still close.

Apple developer center is return back online and developers are expect that Apple to launch betas for iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks soon. Nobody surprise if Apple launches them over the weekend to ignore any holdups in launching the software updates later this fall.