Saturday, July 27, 2013

11:18 AM

UnthreadedJB Twiiter Account

Lately, It looks that we have buried iOS 6, get more involve and focus on latest iOS 7 even though it sill in beta version. Here, noted the earlier iOS 5, it already out of our vision long time. On that time there is a name who untethered jailbreak iOS 5.1.1, that is Absinthe, it is a represent of that era, even though Redsnow only provide an attached, but folk are still stuck by it, as it as applicable in the six era.

But now there is new hacker team exit and they brings a jailbreak tool called “UnthreadedJB”. Which enable you to untethered jailbreak iOS 5.1 only on iPhone 4 CDMA, and UnthreadedJB only work on Linux environment. The jailbreak feat it used is found by hackers before.

The hacker team has also released a YouTube to show that their jailbreak works, and isn't phony as few (including us) had mused:

There are two guys who already proved that this is correct. - Hackers Ryan and winocm

There are different smartphones people used, if you have iPhone 4 CDMA and running iOS 5.1 now then UnthreadedJB can assists you to get a untethered jailbreak.

Everyone can download the jailbreak by clicking UnthreadedJB’s team website.

Even now only fistful of folk need UnthreadedJB, but hacker’s go-getting spirit adds more hope for the hereafter jailbreak iOS 7.