Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1:01 AM

Ten Google Sitelinks For Domain Searches

Now there is another update by Google developer team. This time search Google for you brand and domain name, and if that doesn't work try [tiptechnews.com]. Over search engine my website sitelinks is not showing due to fresh website that’s why but when you search Mashable and other technology then definitely its show you ten sitelinks. You must see ten big sitelinks come up under the core site listing:

Apple Ten Sitelinks

Microsoft Ten Sitelinks

If you want another way to search your site over Google search engine then searching for the brand name, such as (Tip Tech News) doesn't come back ten sitelinks for me. It only shows the ten sitelinks when I do a domain search otherwise not repose from other query.

Have you loved this? I mean, domain limit search is likely a little bit more navigational in nature than finding for a brand name.

I am not sure if this is a test or something everyone sees.

Personally, I am not completely sure if this evaluates or something everyone looks.

There is a guy who spotted and posted first about it on Google+, that is Sachin Bisaani