Thursday, July 4, 2013

12:48 PM

Is Google Now Draining Your iPhone’s battery Life? Here’s How To Prevent It

Google Now Draining iPhone Battery

First time I have seen that any company complete their promise on time, without taking too much time, Google accomplish its promise of launching the Google Now for iOS. Google launched the Android only tool to iOS devices in their Google Search iOS app, as a gathered tool to increase their search engine from iOS gadget. Nevertheless, it shows that the app didn’t gain the audience heat, and that is not because of the service problem. Google now reached on iOS platform with such requires that becomes hard for iOS users to provide to the application. 

Last month, we got various complaints from users that their devices are now draining battery problem. Google now pulled application to permit few things on iOS that occur battery drain problem in the yesteryear Nevertheless, if anyone are confronting the battery draining problem on your gadget or device, and yet want to use Google Now on your iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 5G, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad Mini and Apple TV 2G/3G. Here we have collected a technique for those who don’t want to remove the application from their gadgets or devices.

Google Now iPhone Users

How To Restore Google Now for iOS Battery Drain Issue/Problem:

Before we are starting to discuss about how to restore Google now for iOS battery Drain Issue/Problem, Knock you up some light on the cause of battery weak. Google Now arrives with a sort of cards in the application that tools little information about you, and your local spot. One can utilize it to evaluate the length his apartment and office easily. It arises with easy features, but these features look to be not in privilege of iPhone users.

One user said that Google Now enables GPS permanently on iOS device, and pulled application to get at the GPS data even user is not utilizing the application and killing the battery in a matter of hours, vast quality complaint that their battery ran out in just six hours after the finish installation.

The original story is that Google Now on iOS doesn’t use GPS at all.

Way To Solve Google Now for iOS Battery Drain Issue:

Google Now Location Turn Off

Step 1: First open your Google Now application on your iPhone iOS Operating System
Step 2: Then go to setting option and then privacy
Step 3: Look out for Location Services, to prevent Google Now from accessing GPS data.

Alert: It will trouble, number of Google Search location based features – but it will improve the entirely process of the application.