Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4:33 AM

Stellar Drive ToolBox 2.5 is a complete pack of 13 utilities which are very useful to optimize Mac system. I was having problems with my laptop, it was very slow and needed some maintenance . I was suggested by one of my friends to use this Mac optimizing software from Stellar. I used it and can undoubtedly claim it's advantage over other optimization tools.

The utilities which come with Stellar Drive ToolBox 2.5 are advanced enough to repair, manage, protect and clean Mac hard drives. It includes 12 utilities and 1 free bonus utility.

  1. SpeedUp Mac It helps to speed up your slow Mac by removing unwanted files, applications, widgets and plug-ins.
  2. Wipe It has the power to completely erases unwanted personal and sensitive data from your Mac, beyond the scope of recovery.
  3. Drive Defrag - Improve system performance by defragging badly fragmented Mac hard drives, volumes or huge files.
  4. Volume Repair - Verifies and repairs corrupt Mac volumes without any further damage.
  5. Drive Clone - Creates clone or image of the selected Mac drive, volume, or region and helps restoring lost data.
  6. Partition Manager - Manages Mac partitions with the alternatives - Add, Delete, Format, Resize, Hide, Reveal Mac volumes.
  7. Drive Initialize - Initializes your raw Mac hard drives with the necessary partition pan and file system.
  8. Surface Scan - Checks surface of complete drive, scans your hard drive block by block and shows the bad blocks in it.
  9. Raw Data Editor - An advanced Mac utility to manually repair minor volume corruptions by editing file structure of the drive.
  10. Drive Status - Provides drive information and smartly monitors hard drive health in order to warn against failures.
  11. Shield - Keeps backup image of the hard drive according to the defined schedule and helps restoring lost data.
  12. Drive Performance - Evaluates drive performance by analyzing data transfer speed and comparing the same with standard systems.
  13. Free Bonus Utility: Data Encryptor It helps to prevents unwanted access to your confidential data by encrypting and hiding files or folders.

I have been sent a single user license key of Stellar Drive ToolBox 2.5 to review the application. I would like to bring the idea that all the utilities may be not useful at present but, in future when it comes with updated version, every Mac users must have keep this tool.

Requirements to install this Software: Processor: Mac Intel or PowerPC (G3 or later)

Operation System: OS 10.6 - 10.8.2 or later

Memory: 1 GB

Hard drive: Minimum 25 MB free hard drive space