Monday, July 22, 2013

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PowerPoint is undoubtedly has the largest user base compared to it’s rivals. However, most of the users aren't aware of these kick-ass alternative tools for designing digital presentation, which you can avail at a more affordable price and intuitive features as well.


Keynote is the first thing that runs through my mind, when I think about PowerPoint presentations. It is Apple’s counterpart for it’s arch nemesis.

Keynote Powerpoint

As the product tagline claims, it is a total crowd pleaser. It delivers several intuitive features such as a wide range of elegant themes, integrated animation and effects, Chart Animations, Cloud compatibility, e.t.c.

It is equipped with intuitive chart animation feature, which is absent in PowerPoint. It provides a more refined and powerful platform for designing and add graphics. You can create, edit and present it anywhere.

Google Docs

Google Docs presentation provides a web-based alternative for PowerPoint. You can create and design presentation seamlessly on the go. Although, considering the fact it is after all, a web app, it couldn’t be equipped with some significant features.

Google Doc Powerpoint

You can format, structure and edit the basic options with ease. However, complex functions such as Custom Animation, Transitions, Autoshapes aren’t available. Here is the best part, it is completely free if you have access to a Google account.

Thanks to Google Drive integration, you can collaborate and work on the cloud seamlessly.


Prezi is one of the most innovative web based applications. It features it’s unique ‘Zoom’ interface. It is built of Adobe Flash platform, and offers several features to design a full-pledged Presentation.

Prezi Powerpoint

It is cloud based as well, and also enables you to export to PowerPoint and vice versa as well.


Impress is a presentation designing tool developed by OpenOffice (Open source productivity package).

Impress Powerpoint

It may not pack in the fancy features that Power Point does, but you must consider the price tag, Impress is available free of cost, and is open source moreover.


SlideOnline isn’t exactly a presentation design and editing platform. It offers a more intuitive platform for sharing and publish presentation on the interwebs.

SlideOnline Powerpoint

In order to render a .PPT file, the user must have PowerPoint productivity package or viewer installed on their PC. It poses a serious compatibility issue. To overcome such issues, Slideonline provides a common web based platform to convert your presentations and share with the world.

Author Bio:

Sahil Nekkanti is a technology consultant, he manages Free PowerPoint diagrams site.