Sunday, August 25, 2013

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Facebook Parties

Facebook Parties
Although the movie “Project X”, which debuted in 2012, was inspired by a true story, what most people don’t know is that the film also inspired a lot of true events. You might say that while art copies life, in this case life also copied art, almost like a vicious circle. The Australian teenager from Melbourne named Corey Worthington Delaney was the responsible for the beginning of this entire circle, when he organized a major party in 2008 that turned into a dangerous riot of 500 people. He managed to gather all these guests just with MySpace and text messages and generate a wave of panic in his once peaceful neighborhood.

However, there were also major parties that went wrong after the debut of the movie. Some of them figure in our latest infographic, like the gathering that happened in the beginning of 2013, in Dublin (Ireland). At the time, 200 people came to the party after hearing about it on Facebook and Twitter. Besides spilling drinks and smashing bottles everywhere, the crowd even managed to demolish some walls and floors…

Some parties were more literal and clearly based on the movie: “Project M” was scheduled to happen in March of 2012, in Michigan (USA), but the police found the plan and cancelled the party in order to avoid something like what happened in the film. Also in March of 2012, a Canadian student organized a party entitled “Project Kris”. In just 24 hours, the announcement meant for only 30 guests had been viewed by 900,000 people. Similar events were scheduled to happen in the small Dutch town of Haren and in the province Pilar Partido, in Argentina, but were stopped by the police. To find out more about the world of wild celebrations, check our new infographic and maybe get some ideas for your next party!

A Timeline of Facebook Parties Gone Wrong