Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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HostGator is the name which has certainly made its entry with a bang in the world arena. Known for providing exemplary and outstanding hosting services, the utility of such an esteemed company can be gauged from the fact that it hosts whopping 8,000,000 domains across the globe. After all, this data is enough towards highlighting the importance of such a popular hosting provider which has dearly been preferred by one and all.

Hostgator came into existence in the year 2002 and no one would have believed that in just a short span of few years, the company will have to its credit of highly coveted and enriching record which by all means becomes hard to be achieved by others.

Since in 2006, people registered as many as 200,000 domains with the company. Just 2 years later, it stood out to be the 25th company which is termed to be the fastest growing one. The speedy reach and popularity of the company can be gauged from the fact that just 4 years later that is in 2012, 8 million domains were registered with this ever growing company.

The best thing which is worth mentioning about such an exemplary company is that it offers “some thing” for every one in terms of budget. It is not that you have to spend whopping sum of money to avail the service. Since, you can choose from the three plans which are available, based on your financial strength.

Although, it is been years that I have been using the service, yet I have not experienced any downtime. The thing which further gave me enough reason to continue with the service is that they have their own information centre as well.

Excellent customer service

A company is known by the exemplary service which it imparts to its customers and Hostgator has certainly fallen in line by giving increasing base of readers to opt for their service. Barring few occasions, I mostly got in touch with the customer support within minutes in the event of any minor issues. Thus, it gave me enough reasons to continue with the company which cares so much for its customers. I have indeed experienced such a change which I did not see before and that really made me think that I made the right decision at the right time. You can contact the customer care round the clock either by creating a ticket or by using the feature of live chat or the easiest of all is by making a call to them. Their forum further helps towards getting the answer to the “commonly asked questions” which have detailed answers as it helps towards addressing your concerns in an emphatic manner. Isn’t it?


How can you overlook the importance of speed while choosing the company? Although, I haven’t used a speed testing tool to gauge its speed. But the positive reactions of my visitors with regards to the opening of my blog has further helped me towards continuing with the service. Need we say any thing more with regards to the immense role which the company is playing in the world arena? Not really, isn’t it?

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