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Microsoft XBox 360

Microsoft X-Box 360, the second video game console, was designed and developed by Microsoft. As we march deeper into the 21st century, we dream about owning a Sony PlayStation 4.


Microsoft X-Box 360 is also quite known in the public places like in the malls. An Microsoft X-Box 360 with interesting games can attract people. They do not have to be the ones playing. It also makes for good viewing. The PS4 looks like an ordinary black box to the oblivious and like a crown to the aware. It is believed to support PlayStation Plus service. The subscription is done without any hidden charges.


Sony PlayStation 4

An advantage of the Microsoft Xbox 360 is that it is economical. Sony’s best ever invention as of now, comes with a quite heavy price tag. Priced at $399, the Sony PlayStation 4 price involves way too much saving if you are looking to buy it yourself. Microsoft Xbox 360 price is cheaper than the PS3. The price of the 360 is expected to come down. This is a huge plus, especially for those keeping a keen eye on the gaming market. You get a few trial packs when you get a brand new Xbox.


Microsoft Xbox 360 only requires a good Wi-Fi connection. It has better connectivity and hence more players are found online or online gaming. It also has better connectivity to the internet. It does not require you to check in with the connection constantly at a regular period. Sony PlayStation 4 also provides the gamer free PlayStation Network. The games can also be shared for free.

Added expenses:

The Wii has dreadful internet connectivity when compared to the 360. Shooting Games are at its best when played by the Microsoft Xbox 360. It has a vast memory to store a sea-full of items. It provides nearly 60 GB of memory The Sony PlayStation 4 game CDs add to the cost. The game cds are quite expensive. It usually offers a second-priority for exclusivity, particularly in the game titles and DLC. The box does not include PlayStation Eye and it adds to the cost.


Microsoft Xbox 360, Seventh Generation high-tech gadget is a favorite of the gamers and the teens. Sony PlayStation 4 is the most recent gaming console. This makes it a widely preferred everywhere. It requires a good and upgraded PC. It does not have a backwards compatibility. PS Plus costs if you want to use it in the multiplayer level. You will need a PC connected to the 360 for effective functioning and maximum optimization of the available gadget. It becomes very crucial to upgrade to a Gold Membership if you wish to continue gaming, in an Microsoft Xbox 360.

Hardware quality:

The hardware is a reason for worry. They come with a very limited 3 year warranty period. Playing BluRay movies is also not possible. Sony PlayStation 4 has better hardware than the 360 on any given day. The Sony PlayStation 4 can play BluRay movies. Pre-owned games can also be shared. The controller used in the Sony PlayStation 4 offers better control and gives way for better gaming. Fighting games are sub-standard in the X-Box. PS 3 and 4 are the most ideal for this system. You will need a special adapter that costs almost $80. Browsing is not ideal keeping in mind the Microsoft Xbox 360 configuration.

An Microsoft Xbox 360 is great if you want to keep it to simply gaming. If you go beyond that, you would reach your gadgets limit sooner and surely.

If it is going to turn into a competition, Sony PlayStation 4 would win the race hands down. The generation gap between the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 is the main reason. Also hardware wise, it helps your situation if you don’t get blasted for draining hundreds of dollars with a 360 that breaks easily.

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