Thursday, August 1, 2013

8:41 AM

As for me, I have very mixed feelings about iPhones. On the one hand, they can be insanely useful, but on the other - they can truly distract you from the important things, like job and education. The majority of students in the USA have an iPhone, but I’m sure that just a few of them know how to make the most out of it, especially when it comes to studying. So, in this brief post I’d like to present you with an overview of the most effective iPhone apps for students. Studying can be fun!

#1 Evernote

This is the optimal destination for all students: this smart application will keep you organized and help you increase your productivity. Evernote works as you personal assistant: it’s capable of making notes, taking snapshots, creating to-do lists and even recording voice reminders. Other key features of Evernote include:
  • Ability to synchronize all your notes across all of the PCs and mobile devices you use.
  • Organizing notes by tags.
  • Sharing your notes with friends etc.

#2 Dropbox

This is a must have! This great tool enables you to reach your essential data from anyplace with the Internet connection. Not only it perfectly organizes your files and folders, but it also serves as a ‘backup’ tool - in case you lose your PC or a mobile device, you’ll be able to retrieve all your media just by signing in to your Dropbox account. I highly recommend installing this handy app to all students - it will help you find peace of mind and ensure your valuable sketches, term papers and other works won’t be lost irrevocably.

#3 WolframAlpha

This is the perfect choice for those looking for instant computation and expert knowledge. This powerful app is the optimal source for data in Mathematics (Algebra, Calculus, Logic Functions...), Statistics and Data Analysis (Regression, Probability...), Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Astronomy, Weather and many other fields of sciences. This is a real godsend for students.

#4 MyHomework Student Planner

The name is rather self-explaining: this simple, but very helpful app allows you to organize your home assignments and other projects perfectly. Just enter your schedule and homework details, and you’ll start getting notifications regarding deadline and other important aspects. This simple, but very clever app allows you to stay organized better and visualize your homework load.


This app will be your best helper in writing course works and other papers. Even those having a good command in English use it. has a rich database that doesn't require an Internet connection. Key features: rich thesaurus, offline access, example sentences, spelling suggestions, etc.

#6 National Geographic World Atlas

This app will bring you the highest resolution images of the planet in any style you prefer: antique, satellite, classic (blue ocean), road map style, etc. With this app you’ll also get up-to-date information about every world’s state and capital.

#7 World Book

This app is an interactive calendar that displays the most defining historical events for the current day or any chosen date. It’s very engaging: apart from the textual piece of info, you’ll get illustrations, photos, music and even speeches!

Even if you use several iPhone apps to improve your studying productivity, you may find yourself having not enough time to write another essay. Luckily, there are many service that can help you cope with this problem, one of which is This web resource was my real lifesaver when I was a student.