Tuesday, August 6, 2013

7:13 AM

Native Gestures in iOS 7 You May Not Know
SinceApple launched their iOS 7 version for users, it made the plenty of innovation in new iOS 7 operation system. I am crazy about this and of course it’s good for developers also. There are so many features which I like most like we say flat style UI (user Interface) and more humane. I think Apple already knows the users desire and requirement and it is also listening user’s voice while developing new operating system. But Apple will not give anything you want. As Apple needs consider experience for the entire iOS platform, so when it went wrong to satisfy one of your needs, don’t lose, they are enhancement gradually. It’s not one night stand you go to hotel and book the room. It’s take time to bring new changes.
In iOS 7 beta, we gathered some native motion you may not recognize

Ubiquitous “Back”

Ubiquitous “Back”

The previous iOS 7 gesture during entire system setting and numerous native apps, third party apps also starting to incorporate this gesture.

Swipe up for stunning backgrounds

Swipe up for killing backgrounds

You can also strike three fingers at the same time to erase three apps.

Tear down the main screen for calling Spotlight search

Pull down the home screen for calling Spotlight search

Swipe left or right to change dates

Swipe left or right to switch dates

Pull left to look at the time-stamp (Only for text message)

Pull left to view the timestamp (Only for SMS)

Pull left or right to shutdown web-page in Safari

Pull left or right to close web page in Safari