Thursday, November 14, 2013

10:28 AM

Alert By Google Matt Cutts: Don't Ever Use Keyword Rich Words As Your Comment Name Can Be Spam

Keyword Spam

If anyone is managing a content website with comments, there are plenty things which we are faced while approving comments like commenting as a keyword or company name. I totally against it when I l see feedback's from folk but they use their organization name or rich keyword anchor text. We already know that the name hyperlinks to your website, but the links doesn't consider.
So it seems spamming and secondly thing is you don’t know SEO because the anchor text which you use as a comment in site, doesn't count anyway.

Google Comments
There is a video which published yesterday by Guru of search spam. In this video he is telling to webmasters who leave comments/views to concern about two types of comments.
  1. When you commenting a comment on blog kindly consider your real name rather than you are using keyword anchor text or your company name as a comment.
  2. Blog or Forum and other commenting as your core link building strategy.

Matt Cutt Video On Keyword Rich Names In Comments Can Be Treat as a Spam

For Examples:

Keyword and Site Name Comments