Thursday, November 14, 2013

2:47 AM

The iPad Air

Apple’s latest iPad, the iPad Air is by far the best iPad to date. Its ultra-slim design,speedy A7 processor, lightweight form factor, advanced wireless, and iOS 7 make it a beast!

Apple advertises the iPad Air as weighing merely a pound - and it’s completely true.The Air is incredibly lightweight and can easily be held in one hand. Additionally, the form factor is now smaller thanks to a thinner bezel. This makes the iPad Air smaller, lighter, and more compact than ever while retaining its gorgeous 9.7 inch Retina Display.

The iPad Air

The A7 chip packed inside the new iPad Air is blazing fast. This is the same chip inside the iPhone 5s - and it’s a 64-bit processor! Games load instantaneously,graphics are smooth, and everything feels snappy on the iPad Air. The Air also packs the same M7 coprocessor that the iPhone 5s features. Apple’s latest tablet came in at a score of 1465 on a GeekBench test - nearly twice the score of the previous generation. I am most impressed with the A7 chip, and after living with the iPhone 5s, I’ve come to expect this level of speed. 

Advanced wireless is always a plus, and the Air stops no short here. Wi-Fi speeds have been increased to twice that of the predecessor and the Air gains more LTE bands. In fact, the Air can now reach download speeds of 300 Mbps!

iPad Air Review

iOS 7 is an excellent addition to the iPad Air. As always, Apple’s hardware and software work seamlessly and create for an innovative product. The iWork suite is now available for free download with the purchase of an iPad Air, making it a more productive device. With iOS 7 redesigns, iWork is even more powerful. Additionally, the iLife suite has also been updated with new features, iOS 7 redesigns, and improvements. Combined with iWork, the iPad suddenly becomes an incredible productivity tool.

Overall, I think the iPad Air is an incredible device. The speedy A7 chip, coupled with the ultra-lightweight design, advanced wireless, iOS 7, iWork, iLife, and more make the iPad Air an amazing device.

Written by Gregg Mojica - AppleRumors.NET