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10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Travel Blog

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the planet, with one out of every six websites being powered by WordPress. It was built in order to create blogs, but thanks to the hundreds of plugins you can buy--it may also be used to create websites of all types. There are quite a few WordPress plugins that are suitable for travel blogs. This is true for the fact that travel blogs are not one dimensional blogs. They need images, videos, comment sections, polls, etc. Here are ten WordPress plugins for a travel blog that you may wish to try.


You can show people where you have been with this plugin, as you display all the destinations and places that you have been on your map. You can add specific details too such as when you arrived and left a place. The maps that you produce may be slotted into your blog posts quite easily.

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This is a fun free app that allows you to geo-tag your blog post. You can track your trip (or log your trip) with a series of markers on a Google map. The map is interactive so a person may hover their mouse cursor over the name of a place and receive information about it. It also gives out the information you plugged into it if people click on the markers that are present on the map.

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W3 Total Cache

This is a very popular WordPress app that may possibly increase the efficiency of your WordPress blog by a factor of ten. It takes a lot of effort and learning, but essentially it makes it so that frequent users or people who stay on your website a long time are more likely to see your blog load very quickly (quicker than usual).

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Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

This is a well known app that will link up your website with other related posts. Having this sort of plugin is under fire, as some claim it is not SEO friendly. But, it is the ones that create automatic outgoing links that are the bad ones. At the moment, this sort of plugin is helpful and keeps people on your blog for longer by presenting them with other posts that may interest them.

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WP World Travel

This is a free WordPress plugin that you may use to report on your current location right now. If you are the sort of person who blogs about a location whilst actually being there, then you can show people your itinerary, and you can show people where you are with this plugin. There are also tools that will help you stay in touch with all sorts of people from around the world.

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Weather Layer

Being able to show the weather in the location you are writing about is both something that may prove your point, and simply be something that is a cause for interest on your blog. To see a nice high temperature in a certain location when you are shivering in your own home is quite fun, plus people are going to be naturally interested if you can provide any real-time information on the location you are blogging about.

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Leaflet Maps Marker

This plugin allows you to use the Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and Bing Maps on your WordPress blog. It also allows you to point out the places that you are describing on your blog. You could just create a bunch of images showing the locations, but that is for losers these days when you can add interactive maps with markers on them.

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Travel Search

This plugin allows you to add a search engine to your blog that is based solely on travel. It helps people to find holiday packages, flights, car hires and hotels. It also helps your viewers to scour a number of different holiday booking companies, and you can join its affiliate program so that you are paid if people book a holiday through you.

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Photo Dropper

There are a lot of very high quality Flickr plugins available online, but this plugin makes it far easier to use than most others. It makes adding images to your travel blog very simple, efficient and quick. It is able to search Creative Commons photos so that you may insert them into your blog too, which is ideal for a travel blog when looking for modern images of locations.

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This plugin seems to be pretty self explanatory. It is able to tell you the international times of any city or location in the world by simply calculating it based on the time difference between your location and the one you are trying to study. The plugin is free too, which is an added bonus.

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