Sunday, January 12, 2014

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Guide to Root Android Device

A Complete Beginners Guide to Root Android Device

You might have heard a lot about android rooting and jail breaking an Apple device. Android rooting is same as the jail breaking. With the Android rooting you can have all the access to the android phone for apps and features that are locked by the OS admin. You get the freedom and control over the system and can tweak your likings in it. You can totally make your device look brand new with all your desired features.
For the newbie in this article I will guide you to the android rooting, what it actually is, pros and cons and different methods of rooting. To all the Android users I suggest you all read the android rooting tutorials before performing the process. Have a look below to the Android rooting guide.

Benefits of Rooting

  1. Full control over Android
  2. Easily Backup and restore system
  3. Install custom ROMs
  4. To save memory and space

Preparation before Rooting

  1. Phone must be fully charged.
  2. USB Connection
  3. Necessary software
  4. Prescribed rooting guide

How to Root Device

Before rooting your android device, it is recommended to see all rooting guides and forum discussion before performing. Forums are the best place to see the discussion and find which methods will suit your Android device. Spend time on the internet to search the best, easiest method for rooting your android phone. I have come across many methods and in this post I am listing here the best 2 ways of rooting your Android device. These methods have been checked on another device and have worked well.

Easiest Method- one Click Rooting

It is one of the latest easiest methods I have come along. This method of rooting is supported for most of the android devices. Initially you need to watch the video showing the instruction and install the necessary software specified. Next is just clicking the rooting tab and the whole process of rooting will begin. It takes time to complete the rooting process. Once completed, you need to restart your device. There are many types of software available that claims that without installing you can root your device, but it is important to think about the method you choose for rooting.

Device Specifying Rooting

Android devices differ in a great extent. Some differ in processor while some differ in the version of the OS. Also, there will be a huge difference in making of devices by different companies. So here this method seems to be perfect. Here you can get the specific rooting guide for each device and search it on Google. Before selecting the software make sure that the software supports your device model.

Risks in Rooting

  1. Guarantee of the device will no more be valid
  2. Difficulty in finding stock ROMs of your device
  3. May loose data if made a mistake in rooting process
Above everything, rooting is a fun and easy process. It comes with advantages and risk too. So I strongly recommend everyone to take advice from the ones who have their rooted device. Also, if you do root your phone or tablet, share your views here and let others know about it.