Sunday, January 12, 2014

10:14 AM

Save time by adding a Quick Edit Button in Blog Posts

How to Add Missing Quick Edit Button to Blogger Posts

We are living in global village as you know that and day by day internet rapidly changes its trends, just like your blogger posts but people pings your blogger posts through different medium like email, social media or other tools. Think about when you have to edit your old or new blogger blog posts then you have to take simple and easy step by going to the blogger control panel and search your old or new posts from its post title then edit it but remember one thing if you want to edit a post then it’s take time to do this but if you want quickly edit your post or you want to save your time then you can a quick edit button link in each post page. Here we will guide you how you can add a quick edit button or icon in blogger posts or in separate posts. It is too easy and simple for everyone.

The initial part you guys need to do is to sign-in into your blogger control panel or one more name you can call Blogger dashboard account. Once you entered your blogger dashboard then look out template then edit your blogger HTML. Once you did two things after that you need to search in the template coding <b: includable id='comments' var='post'> tag and just insert the following line of code. Why you need to insert this code because if you add this then this code line will create a quick edit button for blogger. There is another thing which you need to change time to time edit icon then you can change it by replacing the following image link ( 

Quick Edit Code For Blogger Posts

Once you adding the code then search for mention tag <data:post.body/> and insert the below it paste the given code which will show a quick edit button at the every blogger posts. In a nutshell, the initial code will create a quick edit button and other code would show it in your blogger posts. Over here I guide you that you get 2 to 3 <data:post.body/>  tag in each template so kindly add the code after each tag. 

Quick Edit Code For Blogger Post

There are two ways to add the code in your blogger template once I already show you at above and second code is <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'> because every code has different codes line that’s why we add this in template.

I hope you complete your task and save the template by clicking on "Save Template" button. Here I congratulation you for completing your task for a quick edit button in blogger posts. After that you need to evaluate your work either its working or not.

I am hoping that this guide/tutorial may help you and now you can able to add a quick edit button in blogger posts. Remember that only blogger admin will be able to look this button so first you need to sign into your blogger account to make an edit.