Friday, February 14, 2014

11:34 AM

SEO Predictions for Year 2014

SEO Predictions for Year 2014
SEO and social media are the major platforms that help in ranking the site on Google. There are various SEO techniques and methods by which one can rank their site. But with the changing time, some methods get outdated while some new becomes effective. Every time Google makes the new algorithm without warning and as a result the fraud sites are penalized. Last year the major impact was of hummingbird, this year nothing can be said. We can just predict. It is difficult to diagnose Google. Check this post where I have listed the top 5 prediction made in the SEO field for this year 2014. These predictions are likely to get real.

Quality Content

Quality content is the most important part in SEO and is predicted to be at the top this year 2014. Google will try to penalize all the fraud ones. So it is must for every blogger to maintain their quality of the content. The content must be made simple so that readers can easily understand what the blog says. Also it must be unique from all. Use proper keywords in the content to crawl your page on search engine.

Humming Bird rising

Google announced its new algorithm “Humming Bird” on its 15th Birthday. Actually the algorithm was out a few months before, but Google announced it later. It is believed that this year there will be a new update in this algorithm. Humming bird has given a rebirth to the Google that gives the more precise result of what the users search for. Eg-if the user searched for the “Malls nearby” It will give the correct result instead of listing all other names. Google may raise something more in humming bird this year.

Social media and Google+

In 2013, Google+ gave much impact in SEO and will be contributing much more this year. +1 plays a vital role in ranking on the search engine. It is a fact that social media sites gained popularity from past 2 years and will continue this year also. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. will continue to help with social media marking. Also the other methods of guest posting and SEO link building services will continue to work effectively.

Mobile optimization

With the increasing use of mobile phones, Smartphones and tablets, the site traffic is now much from the mobile. So it has become necessary to develop and optimize mobile site. Mobile optimization of the site will help in the ranking and if you fail it may penalize your site. Also keep the content small so that while viewing from mobile, user find it easy to read the short articles instead of long pages.

Natural Language- Long tail Keywords

With the precise result in the new Google after humming bird, it is predicted to use long tail keyword. Long tail keyword comprises of 5 to 6 words e.g. it can be a statement or question asked. So research on the long tail keyword and put your link in the keyword.

Above are the top predictions made and there are more chances to get this prediction true in 2014. But it is sure that Google will come with something new that everyone will not be aware of. But keep in mind the above points and crawl your site on the top page of search engine.