Monday, February 10, 2014

8:42 AM

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - A Big Smartphone Or A Phablet

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Come to think of it. Galaxy note 4 is expected to hold an extra large display of approximately 5.3 inches, dimensions of up to 5.92” by 3.11”*by 0.30” (147 by 83by 9.7 mm). Look at the Samsung galaxy note 4’s display. Beyond 8.3” diagonal and approximately 800 by 1280 pixels! It is expected to weigh roughly 5.96 ounces. With this in mind, well, what would you classify the galaxy note 4 as? The best classification would stand out as an outright phablet class gadget!

Galaxy Note 4- The Fabulous Phablet 

Galaxy Note 4- The Fabulous Phablet
Notice that the galaxy note 4 is quite wide. It definitely would not stand as any news of interest for the Galaxy S4 funs. It could be considered as bulky, a gadget that can prove really hard to use. It calls for extra care in handling due to its width and to some extent the weight. It closely could be mistaken for a tablet with a first glance! It most definitely is going to attract a very small segment of consumers basing this entirely on its size.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in Trend- Are You Informed?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in Trend

Samsung galaxy note 4 is actually one of the most awaited smart phones in the industry today by the Samsung galaxy note funs. With the very high anticipated phablet hitting the industry’s news by day, high upgrade and exceptionality of the smart phone is the only expectation there seems to be. Even with the huge size, galaxy note 4 is expected to be significantly a little thinner and lighter than the current note 4. With other notes, actually note 3 proved to be slimmer and lighter. This therefore only brings a clear picture of the next in trend to be significantly slimmer and closely lighter that its predecessor.

The phablets look is expected to be totally top class! The good news about the note 4 is the stitched leather back panel, which actually will be a face off for the previous plastic furnished smart phones. The leather back panel will overly be very important for the protection of the Smartphone unlike other notes which have continuously had plastic back panels. Its backpack like the note 3’s is expected to have stitched and upgraded faux leather.

The phablet is expected to have wide angles for viewing icons, photos and other subjects of interest. Usually big sizes come with big prices! The price may not be well quoted, only time will define the price! All you need to do is keep your eyes tight to the ground for this massive release and the charges that comes with it. You are only assured that the phablet is set to be expensive.