Monday, February 24, 2014

8:11 AM

iPhone Apps for Book Readers

iPhone Apps for Book Readers

It is fun to think that you have just spent over half a grand in order to read when you can get books for free at a library. Still, your Apple iPhone has more than just one function and in the future, we will probably be able to summon words from the ether to read, so let’s get on the bandwagon and read a few things from our iPhones. Plus, if you do buy a device for over five hundred bucks and it won’t even let you read it then you have been taken for a ride (the least it could do is let you have a bit of a read).


This is a free app that you may use to read the books that you have bought or loaded onto your iPhone. It also comes with an attractive bookshelf on which to store your books and find them at a later date. You may get books from the app and they are free but you are only allowed ten at a time and you have to delete one before you are allowed another free book.

Classics App

This app will cost you around $2.99 (at the time of writing) and makes the display look very well designed. It has page turning effects on it that also come with sounds, plus it has pictures on the app too. It comes with twenty-three classic books that you may read.


This is an e-reading app that allows you to customize your text so that you personally find it easier to read. It offers basic functions and features but allows you to work the text in a way that makes it more comfortable for you to read. You are able to buy e-books from Barnes & Noble or load your own books on there. There has been a warning that Apple has made it hard for some people to buy books within the app itself so you may experience the occasional problem.

Stanza App

This is a free app that has tried to make reading from a smaller screen a little more comfortable. They have their own font and settings to help you read, but you may also change and customize the settings so that you may read in the font and format that suites you. There are some free books you can get which you may read on the Stanza app, but if you buy directly from their links then it costs you more money than it may do elsewhere.

Amazon Kindle for iPhone

The kindle library has now become nothing more than a social media place for people to write what they like and plonks it online for sale without any consideration of quality or value for money. It is a free app you can use on your iPhone but to read from if you are going to have to pay for books which are priced at whatever the person posting the book decides. It does allow you to switch the size of your font to make the text bigger but you cannot change the font on this reader.


This is a very well laid out app for reading and many people now use it as their main eBook space and personal library. It has very nice typography that is easy to read and it works well with the high-resolution Retina display that comes with iPads and iPhones. You may also annotate text so that you have notes for later and it has a nice page turning animation which makes reading feel a little more real and a little less sterile. This app is free and it has a handsome online library that you may download books from.


This app is going to cost you $2.99 and it allows you read what are known as non-secure books which mean you can load ones you have on your iPhone to it. It also comes with customization options for the text size and text colour and their books include cover art and any illustrations. You may buy their books from the Fictionwise store.

Fictionwise eReader

This is a reader app that you may use for free. If you want to read the free books from Project Gutenberg then this is the perfect app for you, plus you can buy books from this app too. The app also allows you to search through the text which is not an option on some of the e-readers on this app, plus it allows you to change the font type and size on the app too. You can also transfer eBooks from iPhone to iPhone or iPad with free iPhone manager.