Thursday, February 6, 2014

11:51 AM

Google Adsense Is the Best Way to Earn

Google Adsense by TipTechNews

It’s been more than 10 years but Google AdSense is continuously the best source of earnings among bloggers & webmasters. Although many internet marketer do recommend affiliate marketing as the best way to make big income but AdSense is still the first choice for many bloggers on the planet.

Why Google AdSense is considered as the Best Way to Make Money on Internet?

There are many reason you can find which can explain you why Google AdSense is the best way to make money online-

You don’t need to worry about selling anything

This is one of the main reason AdSense is the first choice of website owners. They don’t think, they will be able to sell anything from their website. If you choose affiliate marketing as the source of income for you, then you need to write in such a way that people will tend to buy from the advertiser’s website when they click on the affiliate link from your site.

This takes time & lots of efforts before you understand the mentality of your site visitors. You need to analyze your visitors so that you can show them the products they are looking for in your website.

In AdSense, you don’t have to make any extra efforts or worry about the sell when someone click on the ads from your website. Just make money from every click.

Can Give Better Earnings if implement properly

I recently came across the site Jobs8Home where Pritam Nagrale is showing his 2013 AdSense income. He has earned more than 2 Million Indian rupees last year. After proper checking his website, he is making better income from not very traffic. One of the main reason I can see is AdSense placement & the niche.

So if you focus on high CPC keyword & place your ads to get higher CTR, you can make much better income than affiliate marketing from your blog.

You can blindly trust Google

When it comes to tracking your earnings, which can be more genuine than Google. I have seen many of the big affiliate programs are not tracking your link & so earnings properly. One of the post on ShoutMeLoud about hostgator scam shows that how an affiliate program of that level is stealing the hard work of their affiliate.

So if you choose other affiliate program like Clickbank or CJ, then you may never come to know if they are tracking your code properly.

No need to run after customers

Freelancing is also one of best option to make money. There are lots of things you can do as freelancers. There are many big website like Fiverr, Elance etc. which can provide you a platform for freelancing.

Although I have seen many freelancers who are making hell lot of income but majority of the freelancers does not have any good amount of work. They have to run after the customers to get the work. Most of the time, they have to compromise on the price & other things.

And that is the reason I like AdSense. You just have to create good content, do some SEO & make money. Nothing else

PTC, Online Surveys pays very less

When I started to search make money options on internet, I used to find only these types of ways like earn by clicking on the ads or completing surveys.

Although there are some sites who really pay you for doing this work but the amount you earn by working on these sites is very less.

I know, I was working on many PTC sites & even survey sites. I hardly used to make $20 a month even after working 4-6 hours a day.

So these 5 are the reasons, I don’t like any other money making methods except Google AdSense. If you have ever tried any of the income option, I knew AdSense must be in your list. I want to hear how your story about AdSense is.