Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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Grab Your Microsoft Surface Phone

Surface Phone by Microsoft

In my last post I mentioned the rumored about Microsoft Office for iOS but this time another rumored come out for users. As you aware about people are crazy about Windows Phone 8 and that phone also popular among peoples, there is a so called theory has developed that Microsoft could be developing their handset. How we know that? We collected the all the rumors regarding specification over the internet.

If you remember that in the late 2012 year, the Microsoft Surface RT has, as said by Steve Ballmber, CEO of the Microsoft, had just an “unpretentious” amount of great deals.

Some technology websites said that Windows 8 cellphones become popular; it would perfectly happen well for Microsoft to research developing their telephones and therefore in a meeting with information day Microsoft’s Senior Marketing administrator, Greg Sullivan of Microsoft has refused the cases.

As we are seeing things going but Greg Sullivan reject appears to have finished only fuel yet more theory and hearsay around an imaginable Microsoft Phone.

Microsoft surface Release Date

Everybody reads “Ibtimes” e-paper, in that they guaranteeing that news departures as an article by them which hints that Microsoft will reveal another tablet and telephone at 2014.

What are the tablet specifications? According to reports, tablet will be a more modest 8.4-inch and phone might be a leader surface telephone working on an updated version of Microsoft Windows Phone 8 which will connect in extra with Windows 8 RT.

Have you attended the Xbox One and Xbox Smartglass promotion? It looks forecast that Microsoft is searching to make an echo tech that merges tablets. Mobile phones and its redirections console.

Microsoft Surface Phone: Rumors

Contempt the Marketing Manager’s rejects, by Digitimes.com report that Foxconn, which makes an totally host of smartphones, has got formal request from from Microsoft for the telephone, with a middle of 2013. Informers called attention to that their own brand handset might have a limited shipment volume form the starting.

Microsoft Surface Phone - Juggernaut Alpha

There is a French website who has a derived how to trace down the GPA range of concealed unit; Juggernaut Alpha’, which is via to be a code language for the Surface Phone. The mechanical assemblies’ GPS territory competed again to none other than Microsoft’s own area, where the Windows Phone progress collecting is designed.

Surface by Microsoft
Surface Phone by Microsoft
Surface Phones by Microsoft