Monday, March 17, 2014

9:20 PM

Here are list of items you can quickly sell online on free classifieds to raise money for your Small Business Idea

This is the 21st century; everything is changing fast, ever before, to start up a business, people believe you need a big capital. Raising money to startup a small business these days brings no hassle, only that we haven’t created time to think and see that the money is already in our pocket. We live a consumer orientation economy, it becomes hard for us to save for the rainy day, and all we know how to do is to buy a lot of stuff like gadgets that will later liter the house. I have an Indian friend, he is always sharp with classified, if you will copy his strategy to, post free ads in India here, and quickly raise the money you need to get you started.

I have been to some guy’s place; he has all models of the Sony PlayStation in his house and often complains that he is broke. He got rescued with my free online classified listing idea.

These are the items that quickly sell online on free classified and raise you money

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones are the most popular and the most fast selling gadget in the world. Apple releases the iPhone updated version every year, if you an iPhone die addict, and you have been following Apple since 2007, you would have changed your phone over 5 times. There are wide range of smartphones for sale in OLX India from where you could raise money to pursue your next goal simply by displaying your own there.

There are a lot of smartphone out there and people swaps from one to another. If you have gotten a used smartphone in your wardrobe and need some cash, it can quickly sell online for you to raise the money needed.

Likewise, used tablets are getting popular are selling so fast too.

Game Console

Game console also releases new versions from time to time; the Sony PlayStation now has a number of versions out there. A friend of mine presently plays the PS 3; he packed his old PS 2 and dumped in the wardrobe.

If you have an old PlayStation, XBOX, Wii, Atari Flashback, Hyperscan, Sega, Zeebo, Ouya or Nintendo, they quickly sell online to raise you the money you need.

Laptop Computer and Accessories

Looking for another thing you can quickly sell online, the laptop computer also tops the category. If you bought a new laptop, or change from PC to Mac, you can ask your engineer to refurbish your old laptop and list it on free online classified, it’s one of the items that gain attentions quickly.

Computer accessories such as Hard disk, RAM, UPS and others can also be quickly sold to raise some cash.

Wrist watches

Wrist watches is one of the items people buy in excess, if you have gotten a Rolex watch to list, it goes for a high price. When you are broke and needs some money, wrist watches quickly sell online on classifieds.

Books and Movies

The Romeo and Juliet novel are still hot in market, so are many other books and novels. I have seen people who have novel and movie collection in hundreds. Books and movies also quickly sell online, especially the popular titles.

When I buy novels or movies, immediately I finish with them up to 5 copies, I list them in a bonding sale with a good offer. Sales come within days. Nobody will buy Robocop from you, movies like, 24hrs, Merlin, Bollywood and the Korean latest series sells well.

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