Sunday, May 25, 2014

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Smartest Phone of the Future - Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date
Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular and successful brands in the Smartphone market. Samsung has always updated its mobile technology with latest versions and specifications. The Galaxy range has become a one-stop solution for most businessmen and executives. The series has released high-performance smartphones and it has emerged as unbeaten player on account of its excellent features & affordable price.

Samsung is going to launch the new Smartphone - Galaxy S6 in the month of August or October 2014. It is expected that the new Galaxy S6 will definitely a step up from the S5. Discussed are the features that could positively render it as the smartest phone of the future:-

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications & Features

A metal unibody

The back panel of S5 was not well received universally. Everyone was found to be searching for a new design, but now it is hopeful that S6 will a metal unibody would provide a premium feel. It is expected that the new series would refresh the feel and make is a very special one.

Display panel

Samsung had already been working on 2K and 4K displays. A lesser number of masses are impressed by the 1080p. One would have find 2560x1440 pixel resolution on the S5, but now it is expected there will be a 2K display in the S6.

More flexible design

A Smartphone is expected to deliver flexible and durable design. Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be designed in such a flexible shape, so that it can take all types of damages and comes back to its original shape.

Battery with longer life

A bigger battery in S6 can certainly provide more efficient power management and it can be step ahead of S5. Battery till 4000mAh is possible in Galaxy S6.

Set of Stereo speakers

S5 has only one speaker, but a set of stereo speakers in S6 would certainly be welcomed by everyone.

DAB Chips

DAB Chips are added to Smartphones that provide access to network stations without any fiddling. These chips can be added to Galaxy S6 as an extra-ordinary feature.

Possible Specifications
  • 64 GB for sure internal memory
  • 20 MP Primary Camera
  • 4-7MP Secondary camera
  • Memory Expandable up to 128 GB
  • Android OS
  • Gorilla Glass
  • Lightest Weight (160-170 Gms.) Intel Processors
  • Wireless charging
  • Blink to click photograph
  • RAM: 4 GB Memory
  • Multimedia: S-Message/Fingerprint scanner/Image editor/Calendar/YouTube/ Google talk/ Computer sync, MP3/MP 4 player, Google search etc.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price

Estimated price

The prices always vary from region to region. However, some of the estimated prices for Samsung Galaxy S6 are given as below:-
  • UK: $800(approx)
  • Canada: $800(approx.)
  • US: $800(approx.)
  • India: Rs 55,000/-(approx.)
  • Denmark: 5000 Danish Krone (approx.)
  • China: 5501.15 Chinese Yuan (approx)
  • Korea: 1004617.52 South Korean Won (approx)
  • Singapore: 1139.105 Singapore Dollar (approx)
  • Malaysia: 2924.790 Malaysian Ringgit (approx)
  • Sri Lanka: 118357.85 Sri Lankan Rupee (approx)
  • Russia: 29654.18 Russian Ruble (approx)
  • Australia: (997.205 Australian Dollar (approx)
  • Hong Kong: 6972.90 Hong Kong Dollar (approx)
It is hopeful that Samsung Galaxy S6 will be the best Smartphone ever manufactured. It will surely counter competition from the other players in the market.