Monday, July 21, 2014

3:37 AM

Different Webhosting Options to Choose From

If you are looking for Webhosting options to choose from, then you will be strikingly amused to see how many are there options are available. But to know, which one suits best, one will have to do a little study about them. This becomes more important in case where one is new in the field. Here is a guide to understand a little about webhosting.

Webhosting Options

There are two types of webhosting – paid and free. Which type one chooses depends upon the company. However, there are differences. If one opts for free hosting then there are several restrictions that come along with it. So, if is looking to work out professional website, then these should be avoided. When it comes to a professional website to be hosted; it’s always better to go for a paid webhosting.

Then there is the Shared Hosting. In this kind, hosting companies use a Linux platform (some however also offer Windows option). Most of the shared packages are scalable with a small plan to begin with; which can be increased as and when required. These are good ones and opted for by many companies and professional due to their low cost, variety of add on programs and tools to optimize a website. This kind of hosting makes a site more efficient with good customer care support and a personalized domain and domain e mail. However, while going for a shared one must be wary of things like it can be little insecure for a website as space is shared with some other website, there are restrictions as to how many languages can be used and in case of sudden rise in traffic, there can be tough time in arranging things. However, it’s really good for those who are launching a new website. You can also use a hostgator coupon to avail lots of discounts.

Dedicated Hosting is something which is the safest of all as it makes a website housed on a server by itself. There is lot of autonomy and large scale projects can be easily handled here. Generally preferred by large business houses and multinationals, these are best on their own terms.

In addition to the above there are others too like VPS (Virtual Private Server) which acts like a dedicated one with the restriction that resources are petitioned and one gets only a portion of these resources to work with. Collocation is another kind wherein one uses their own web server but rent space at a service provider to run it. However, its highly expensive option as it requires lot of skill and knowledge. Then there is the Reseller Hosting which offers hosting services as their own company but uses the resources of parent company. These include small webhosts too. If you are looking for a budget oriented one, you may use the hostgator coupon to avail discounts as much as 25%.

All the above options are good, but which one a company goes for, is entirely a decision of theirs.