Monday, July 21, 2014

3:42 AM

Colocation and Cloud Computing

The Internet has changed the way companies do business. Networking solutions have created ways in which businesses can collaborate together along with using shared data centers to assess computing power than they have ever been able to before. Below, we will go over two ways in which you can increase the amount of computing power for your business.

What is a colocation center?

A colocation center is a particular type of set up which performs similar functions that of a datacenter. Much like a datacenter, a colocation center can provide an individual or business with all of the equipment, bandwidth and storage space that they need. These centers are set up and ready to use. They have ample ability to provide the right amount of power, they have the right amount space and have top-notch security protecting them. The main difference between a colocation center and a datacenter is that a colocation center is a data center that is designed to be shared with multiple different people.

Usually, the space is rented out to different individuals or companies. They are perfect for companies that need a significant amount of computing and networking needs but do not have the ability or need the amount of power that an entire datacenter will bring. It is a great option for those looking for an upgrade but are not quite at the level of the entire datacenter.

What is cloud computing?

The term “cloud” refers to a network that is set up over the Internet which is available to a large work group the general public. Usually, space in a cloud will be rented out but it can also be found for free. Cloud computing is a great way to store the information you need without having it locked onto a particular piece of hardware. If you need to work on a document, for example, but do not have the ability to bring your storage device along with you, you can simply store in the cloud and access it on another device whenever you want.

It is also great for working on documents with people. You can easily edit a document on your computer and in real-time and see changes that your partner is making the document as well. It is perfect for easy and convenient storage, as well as real-time collaboration between people that are not in close proximity to each other.

These are just two of the services that you can find at 7L Networks. By taking advantage of these services, you can increase the effectiveness of your business. You will now be able to harness more computing power than you ever have been able to before. You can use these services for a monthly fee which is much more affordable than setting and maintaining them yourself.

If you have any questions, they have an expertly trained IT staff which will be able to help you with all your needs. They understand that not everyone is as tech savvy as they could be and make themselves available to help in any way that they can.