Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1:42 AM

Google to be More Responsive to Reconsideration Requests

Google to be More Responsive to Reconsideration Requests

Have you ever had your website penalized by Google with the message that you had far too many links scattered all over the Internet? And have you repeatedly sent requests to Google to reconsider and lift the penalty off your website? Have those requests gone unanswered, unrequited? Well, you aren't alone in your plight.
Every time Google launches a Panda update, webmasters across the globe are sent in a tizzy of terror as their website drops dramatically in the search engine rankings. Overnight, they see their website's posts disappear from the first page and while some posts have slipped to the 7th and 8th page, there are some that can't be seen anywhere, as if they have vanished in thin air. Shooting off a mail to Google is the first thing you do because apparently, there is nothing on your part you can do apart from requesting Google to reconsider its decision.

However, coming back to how we started, webmasters have experienced it time and again that Google either doesn't respond or takes ages to do so. For some though, their response never sees the light of the day.

But, Things Seem to Be Changing for Good

Much to the relief of the website owner’s and SEO professionals, Google is reconsidering its request response methods. The search engine giant seems to be making serious efforts on its part to ensure that the mails they receive get their proper attention and senders are duly given an answer.

Speaking at the Search Marketing Expo that was held only recently, Matt Cuss said that Google is remodeling its response system to facilitate better response times.

To further testify it, a webmaster shared the snapshot of the response he got from Google when he mailed them to reconsider their penalty on his website. This response explicitly describes the cause of penalty and also includes a section “a note from your reviewer” where he got some priceless suggestion over the possible causes which would have never thought of.

Google Reconsideration Requests

What this suggestion actually highlighted was that the webmaster, Doyle, should check the canonical version of the website in order to determine if there are more links that he may have missed out on while auditing. Doyle has himself admitted that he may have not done the same if Google didn't suggest it.

Clearly, this is a good news for the webmasters of the world who invest considerably on hiring SEO services for their website and also hire writes for getting their guest post published on third party websites. While they have an idea that posting on certain websites might make them vulnerable to penalty, at times, SEO staff is too busy churning out back links that they fail to gauge the quality of the website they are posting on. So, while that may or may not be in the hands of webmasters, what this new development indicates is that if and when they face these penalties, they can get a kind of response from Google that guides them on how to undo it.

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