Wednesday, December 17, 2014

10:43 PM

Scodix Enhancement File and Artwork Scodix Creation

It goes without saying that setting up the enhancement of Scodix digital artwork is clear-cut and learning to design easily using Scodix is possible in very few yet rapid and easy steps more than you thought possible. What is required is another separation that acts much as a mask for the various areas you are looking at to ensure the artwork has been enhanced. Essentially, the fresh layer file is delivered separately as a PDF file into the printing queue of the Scodix press. It is very vital to guarantee the layer is utterly identical to the original CMYK kind of artwork virtually in every respect from text, images, position, crop, orientation to size, among others.

Scodix artwork creation

To begin creating the artwork meant for Scodix, open the artwork in the design software of your choice and start creating a wholly new layer generally for Scodix's separation. Choose the elements to be enhanced before duplicating them to Scodix's new layer. You can come up with a new kind of the color swatch and perhaps name it Scodix and choose "Spot Color" as the color type before you have converted every element to it.

Accomplishing density effects 

Towards achieving density effects, what you need to do is apply various yet distinct opacity levels to the elements you desire. Accomplishing higher gloss effects requires you apply a full density or 100 percent opacity. Achieving matte effect requires that you ensure you also apply a low density of between 5 percent and 30 percent opacity. In case the item to be enhanced happens to be a picture, creating a mask through Photoshop should be done with the various densities clearly seen on the Ultra Violet layer. Then the graphic file work is saved with the UV and CMYK saved in PDF form.

In a nutshell, the process of artwork creation in Scodix is actualized by creating Scodix separation, coming up with a Scodix spot color and defining the density effect and saving the UV/CMYK files in the form of PDF.

Scodix metallic effect production 

For the Scodix metallic effect to be produced there has to be an application of Scodix PolySENSE through a similar process atop any silver lamination if a vast metallic color variety is to be achieved. Remember Scodix Metallic technology in itself is a game changing one and is now being demonstrated to all customers to at least have a glimpse of this great technology. It is now possible for each and every PSP to offer the best values and qualities that were not possible in the past.

New possibilities are real, such as showing all the metallic colors plus other enhancements used in the process like embossing, raising the clear impact polymer, diverse textures and the level of gloss, in just a single process done in house. This gives any digital print company out there a chance be very different from any other out there including any of the traditional or existing technology already there. It is a revolutionary enhancement worth exploring.