Monday, December 15, 2014

12:43 PM

Hostgator Review

So, you want to become a hosting company? There are several advantages of building a business as a web hosting company that will put you one the level with other hosting companies such as HostGator. Actually, you can use HostGator to become a hosting company.

There are thousands of hosting companies all over the world. The main advantage of hosting websites, for businesses or personal websites is the hosting servers can be located anywhere in the world. They don't have to be located in your home town. They can be located in California, Russia, or even the Cayman islands.

However, with HostGator's reseller account, or their Cloud services, you can create a business of hosting websites. Small hosting companies have a better chance of turning into a major hosting company.

You can supply more personal services, especially for customer service support. People like to know they can call at any time and be helped with their websites. If you supply each account with a dedicated account manager or a relationship manager, which is what they are now being called, you'll be able to set the stage, so to speak, with your customers. They know they will have their problems solved without dealing with 15 different people.

You'll also be able to give the real support 24/7 on technical problems. Most big hosting companies like HostGator, outsource their customer and technical support. When issues come up, the support given usually has to go through several people before it actually gets solved. The normal outsourced support is usually just customer service reps that have a list of frequently ask questions and they supply the "canned" answer. Anything more technical will have to be transferred to the technical department.

If the problem recurs, then you'll have to explain it all over again to another customer service rep. With a small hosting company, you'll be able to supply a rep who only deals with one customer's problem all the time. For major troubleshooting issues, the techs will know all about it since they work with the same customers all the time. This gives you a major advantage over big, national web hosting companies who outsource their customer service.

You can also cut the costs of hosting companies like HostGator with their coupon, especially if you're using HostGator cloud service as your service provider. Using the Cloud at HostGator, you can have hundreds of clients, which you can take care of with personal services HostGator may not supply, although, they offer plenty of services.

Create a business wrapped around a company like HostGator is the perfect way to start a website hosting company.