Wednesday, February 25, 2015

7:48 AM

Search engine optimization can be done by utilizing many techniques and content marketing is one of them. It is an effective strategy to bring the target audience to your site. After all, whether it is the search engines or the web users, when people judge the true value of a site, they pay attention to the quality of content it produces and that too consistently.

While there is no doubt about the effectiveness of content marketing in terms of SEO, you have to be tactful to get positive response from search engines. Over the past few years, Google released many Panda algorithm updates and as a result, the world’s biggest search engine is now very strict about quality. Quality content means authentic, genuine, unique and helpful information for the readers. As long as readers are happy, you don’t have to worry about Google Analytics SEO. Your site will get the attention of web users and conversion rate will increase significantly.

Unfortunately, some people think that posting dozens of articles every week in personal blogs and article submission websites is the best content marketing strategy. They forget that quality matters more than quantity. In fact, too much poor quality article posting can affect the ranking of your site.

Here is a list of common yet deadly content marketing mistakes. Read them and avoid making these blunders at any cost.

Writing something that is not in demand: Content marketing is all about proper research, and it is not just about keyword research. It is about researching on your niche to know what exactly people are searching for. You have to find out the vacuum in the market and write the article on that topic. For example, if you run a SEO company, then your keyword research may tell you that “affordable SEO companies” is a good keyword. It is true that this keyword is typed a lot by users, but when it comes to information, many people may search for “tips to solve Panda issue”. So, the moral of the story is that you have to find a keyword that is actually in demand by the end users and the answer to their queries are few. After all, you may find 50 articles on “how to find an affordable SEO company”, but less than 10 on “strategies to combat Panda update”.

Not sharing the content: Content marketing can’t be successful if the articles are not shared by the readers. Whenever you write a blog post or guest post, make sure that there are various social media share options in the site. You should also post a synopsis of the article and its link in your company’s social media profiles to ensure that the content will reach maximum number of customers.

Very broad subject: When people search for information, they want specific information about something. If your topic is too broad, readers and search engines won’t be interested in your blog posts. Here is an example. Suppose you offer website design services to your clients. If you write about “web design techniques”; it is a broad subject and some users may not find it resourceful. On the other hand, if you write about “responsive web design techniques”, it focuses on a single topic and offers some genuine useful information.

Zero publication strategy: Just like newspaper publication, blog posts and article submissions need to be done at the right time and at the right place. Otherwise, even the most information rich and well-written content will not grab web users’ attention. Therefore, find out the blogs where your guest posts will be read and decide a day for posts. For example, you can post twice in a week to maintain consistency. You should also write on the subjects that have the potential to go viral. For example, a telecom company can write about Android Lollipop features as it is a highly discussed topic among the smartphone users this month.

When you write and post content in your blog and third party blogs, make sure that you don’t commit the aforementioned mistakes.

Michael Bentos is a Google Analytics SEO expert. He works in a reputed SEO company and likes to share search engine optimization tips with his fans.