Tuesday, March 3, 2015

8:38 AM

5 Reasons to Use The Cloud
Reasons to Use The Cloud

Internet-based computing, otherwise known as Cloud computing, is where shared resources, software and information can be provided to devices on demand.

Cloud service providers are able deliver small to medium businesses a flexible IT infrastructure. This is perfect for SMEs who are looking to switch from purchasing servers, network equipment and storage, to pay-as-you-go solutions instead.

There are many advantages to using cloud services over traditional methods. Not only will small businesses see reduced costs, but there is also a greater ability to respond to their changing market demands, and in turn, allowing these businesses to focus on their core operations.

Here are 5 great benefits to cloud services:

Disaster Recovery – Companies no longer require complex disaster recovery plans as all of your information is securely backed up and able to be restored when called upon.

Work From Anywhere – Provided your employees have internet access on the move, cloud computing allows them to work from anywhere. This is useful for your worker’s work-life balance and increasing productivity.

Competitiveness – Cloud services allow smaller businesses to act faster, giving them the opportunity to compete with an act faster than their big, established competitors.

Flexibility – Should you require more bandwidth, a cloud service can meet your demand instantly.

No Capital Expenditure – With cloud services being quick to deploy, businesses have minimal start-up costs and are able to predict their ongoing operating expenses.

Are you a small or medium sized enterprise that are not yet using the cloud? We’d certainly recommend it if it would be of use to you for any of the five above-mentioned benefits, or for saving money alone.

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