Sunday, December 20, 2015

10:28 PM

5 Ways Mobile Tech Helps Your Marketing

The whole concept of marketing has become easier in some aspects than ever before, and then much harder in some aspects than ever before. And a lot of this has to do with the type of technology that is available, both to marketers and consumers.

And to help get your mind organized about what all this means, think about the five following categories of thought concerning ways that mobile tech helps your overall marketing efforts, including looking to history, understanding location-based services, learning to analyze on the go, keeping social media in check, and experience the mobile trends in consumer culture.

Look To History to Understand the Present

When you read about the origins of contemporary business culture, you'll learn a lot about the concept of digital marketing. And though most current generations of casual observers think that digital things fall into the rough umbrella of computers and smartphones, it has been around a lot longer, and the techniques that have come from it have been established for a long time as well. Use this information to your advantage!

Location Based Services

When you think about GPS functions on your phone, you may not always consider the implications when it comes to your shopping habits, but they are extremely strong these days. For instance, Google will use your location in order to refine your search results for various items and products, and that in it should clue you into the power of the mobile experience. Where you are - creates what you find! That presents a huge benefit both to consumers and to businesses who use this tech to their advantage.

Analysis on the Go

Another way that tech helps your marketing is by allowing you to analyze your data on the go. If you're in charge of a marketing project, by having your phone linked in to real-time data, you don't have to stay stuck to your chair in your office, but can do other things on the go while operating the primary function.

Perpetual Social Media Presence

There is something to be said about keeping a social presence as well when it comes to your marketing efforts, and smartphones are the kings of that trade, allowing you single button access to sharing, liking, commenting, and transferring data to large social circles very easily.

Experiencing the Mobile Trends in Consumer Culture

Finally, with the fact that more people access the web via their phones than their desktops now, new mobile tech also helps you experience what the majority of consumer’s experience. You can do all of your troubleshooting on the same platform that you customers use to find all of their shopping information.