Saturday, December 19, 2015

5:01 AM

In November 2015, the globally renowned name in telecom research and development technology company, BT Labs celebrated their 40th anniversary at their headquarters in Adastral Park in Suffolk.

BT Logo

This company was started on 21st November 1975 as the Post Office Research Station at Martlesham Heath and was inaugurated by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II herself. It was a replacement for the erstwhile wartime research station, Doris Hill in North London. In its 40 years of existence, BT Labs has contributed significantly to the world of telecommunication as we know it. The overall team of scientists and researchers is currently 14,000 strong and the annual investment into R&D is 500 million pounds, which is one of the largest amounts in the world.

In the past few years, BT Labs has worked on projects across the sectors of broadband, optical fibre, mobile, network security and TV and been the pioneer in the development of the latest fibre based technologies, which were in turn spread across the UK by their own local access network business, Openreach.

Currently, BT Labs is experimenting with the world of television, trying to develop futuristic forms of immersive video that could potentially improve our entire television viewing experience. The research is being conducted from the viewpoint of examining user experience challenges and technical challenges in terms of the capture, delivery and presentation of the immersive entertainment experiences. (To learn more about the work being done at BT Labs, contact the BT phone number.

Other than this, the team is also looking to develop UHD pictures with higher dynamic range. This implies that much research and development has to be undertaken around the greater range of brightness, as well as other changes needed throughout the video delivery chain, including the cameras, which will now capture a wider dynamic range.

The proud MD, research and innovation of BT Labs, Dr. Tom Whitley said that over the past 40 years BT Labs has seen some of the most talented and hardworking pool of scientists and technicians, without which their vast contribution to the fields of fibre broadband, high capacity core networks, mobile, network security, M2M communications and television wouldn’t have been possible.

Other than this, Adastral Park houses 70 companies of different sizes, which includes over 4000 scientists and engineers.