Saturday, December 26, 2015

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Light Emitting Diodes or as commonly known as the LEDs have become a part of our interiors. Whether it is our homes our offices, LEDs have substituted the CFLs and the incandescent bulbs that once upon a time used to light our places up. LEDs are so much preferred for the reason because these are energy efficient and one of the most conveniently available devices in the market. While providing the same amount of energy as a CFL or a halogen bulb, these bulbs help you save somewhere between 60%- 80% of both, energy and electricity cost. Since these illuminators are free from materials like mercury and other harmful constituents, they have also become an eco-friendly choice for lighting up spaces.

Top 5 Most Popular Types of LED Bulbs

Here is a list of five most popular types of LED bulbs that are available in the market.

Flash LEDs

Being popular with the signs and indicators, Flash LEDs have become one of the most prominent choices amongst the customers. These LEDs have inbuilt multi-vibrator circuit because of which these LEDs can flash after a particular time interval, usually the interval is one second but it can vary from application usage. Usually the Flashing LEDs emit single light but a more sophisticated flashing LED can emit multiple lights.  These LEDs are famous for their usage in automobiles and as stop signs.

High Power

Being an advanced and more developed product of the semiconductor technologies, high power LED are the latest one in the market. These too are a type of application based LED. Being available in various sizes and usage purposes, these high power LEDs live up to their name as they are able to provide a higher output as compared to other LEDs. The most common choice of these is their usage in home interiors as a complete strip is put to illuminate the space. Also since these are high power LEDs they usually need to be paired up with cooling mounts because of their heat dissipation.


The most common usage of the LED bulbs is lighting. With the growing Technology and people moving towards eco-friendly options, LEDs have become a popular choice for illumination. These come in various sizes and shapes depending upon their usage. Most of the halogen bulbs and CFLs have been replaced by these energy efficient devices and are gaining quite some popularity.  They come as strips, bulbs, bars, etc. and are easily fitted. With the outer body generally made of aluminum or ceramic, these have a quick heat dissipation capacity as well.


Miniature LEDs are the common LEDs that are used by us in various electronic items. Miniature LEDs are usually used in televisions, mobile phones and other digital devices. These LEDs can easily be made a part of any circuit as they just need to be mounting over the circuit board of any electronic device and these little light emitting diodes work as a part of the entire application. These work on power supplies that are low and usually ranging from 5v-12v and hence they do not need cooling circuits for their power dissipation.


Red, Blue, Green or as commonly known as RGB are specific application based LEDs. These LEDs combine multicolor diodes and hence making it possible to produce numerous color combinations.  Therefore these LEDs are very popular for they can be customized as per their usages. The colors can only be blended with the application of electricity and hence the actual phenomena can only be witnessed while the LED is at work. These LEDs are used in video games and as status indicators along with other usages.

While so many types of LEDs are available in the market, you have a good option to choose your right LED from LEDOutfitters. LEDs have taken the illumination market and are set to grow with the advancing technology. It is necessary to choose the right LEDs for these are application based and a correct choice will lead to best results.