Sunday, January 10, 2016

1:04 AM

For most of the internet marketers, the 'About Us' page is a mere formality. Quite a lot of online business owners treat it as a placeholder that doesn't bring much value to the overall business objectives. However, that perception is far from being true. If you belong to the same group, then it's about time to change that perceived notion.


The 'About Us' page is a little more - actually a lot more - than just a placeholder. It is a sleeping giant waiting to be awakened up and optimized for supporting your SEO initiatives. A well curated 'About Us' page can not only bring you lots of organic visitors, but also provide you the much needed conversion boost. It is easier said than done, but a strategic approach to create the 'About Us' content around your targeted geo-location, audiences and keywords can effectively get the job done for you.

So how do you turn an 'About Us' page into a potential SEO magnet? Here goes 5 proven tips to enhance your search engine visibility and rank higher up the order in search results.

1. Utilizing Keywords in Title

There's no hard and fast rule that your 'About Us' page must be titled as 'About Us'. When you are allowed to utilize up to 60 characters as your title attribute as per the SEO best practices, then why should you be content with just 10 or 15? Be creative and optimize the title to reflect your business. Including your targeted keyword(s) in the title is a great idea that the experts always recommend.

2. Focus on Your Audience and Geographic Location

Besides sharing your own vision and objectives, you can spare a few sentences describing how your business can be beneficial to the readership. If you are focusing on any specific geographic location, then it's a good opportunity to mention the same on your 'About Us' page. For example, if you are a web designing agency catering to the small business segment in and around the city of Manchester, then craft your content in a way to naturally include your expertise (web designing), potential customers (small business owners) and target location (Manchester). It would help you to rank higher in local search results.

3. Linking to Your Internal Pages

Inter-linking other sections of your website to the 'About Us' page can be another master-stroke in keeping your readers engaged. Anyone who lands up at your 'About Us' page is more likely to have an interest in the business. So let them navigate to your portfolio, client testimonials, the FAQs page and other key sections on your website directly from the 'About Us' page. It is not only an opportunity to showcase your achievements, but also a proven approach to improve the Page Authority (PA) of your 'About Us' page.

4. Create Inbound Links from Relevant High Authority Websites

Link building is one of the most widely used methods to improve your SEO score. Creating inbound links to your website's content increases the authority of your web pages and helps your content rank higher in the search results. Although most of us use this practice to create inbound links to our articles and blog posts, only a handful care about replicating the same for the 'About Us' page.

Statistical studies conducted by various market research organizations have revealed that the 'About' page with a compelling 'Call to Action' button converts more than the usual blog posts. So linking your 'About Us' page to other high authoritative websites can help you in drawing higher number of organic visitors to your website and improve your conversion rate significantly. You can make use of guest posting and directory submissions to get more inbound links to your 'About Us' page.

5. Use Media / Image Files

Get out of the boring textual mode and make it visually appealing. Consider using photographs, videos or infographics that depict your business well. It makes complete sense to capture your readers' attention. And if you can enhance your SEO score while doing so, then it is definitely a double bonanza.  But how do you do that?
Use clear and descriptive names for your image files. Try to include relevant keywords in the 'ALT' attribute. Apply similar approach for your video files as well. It would increase your chances of appearing in the displayed search results when someone does a media search for the relevant keywords.


When you are all geared up to launch a new website, the probability of getting distracted by the design process is quite high. In the temptation to build a great user interface, you might forget the importance of creating compelling content for your website. The 'About Us' page often finds itself at the receiving end of unfair treatments which might relegate its actual significance. Wise Startup Blog has come up with a captivating infographic detailing the necessities of creating a compelling 'About Us' page. Considering its huge potential to bring you new business, it is important that you pay due attention in creating an authoritative 'About Us' page that can attract potential customers from the search engines.