Thursday, September 22, 2016

7:51 AM

The courier and delivery industry is one of the key industries which rely heavily on technology in order to keep developing. With so many recent updates it can be hard to keep up with all the changes. Delivery services just keep getting better and better for convenience and speed being prioritised as a result. Here are some of the key developments and how they’ve changed the industry.

How Technology is Changing the Courier Delivery Industry

Text Updates

One of the key complaints customers used to have about the delivery industry was that you had to wait around all day waiting for a delivery to arrive as there was no specific time. With huge windows from 10am-6pm this could mean having to take a day off work to wait to sign for a large or an important parcel. Text services mean that this eliminates vague delivery time with a maximum of an hour, this gives people much more flexibility to be able to plan your day around this time and not be inconvenienced.

Shipping Options

Advancements in technology mean that companies are now able to offer much more convenient delivery options. Same day delivery means that you can now order an item online and it will arrive the very same day. With warehouses now working later hours with some courier’s customers now have the option to pay extra for same day delivery of urgent items. The variety of shipping options now available means that businesses and companies have a lot more flexibility when it comes to the amount of different options they are able to offer.

Tracking Services

Advances in GPS tracking means that if companies have equipped their vehicles with the devices, like TNT, customers can get an accurate picture of exactly where their delivery is and follow its journey from leaving the warehouse to their door. Advances in tracking are helpful for businesses from a business perspective too as they are particularly good for giving clients time frames when it comes to international deliveries.

When it comes to the courier and delivery industry, it looks like things are only going to get faster and more convenient as more technology is developed. With brands like Amazon and Audi recently trialling a deliver to your car boot service and drone delivery options now available, it will be interesting to see just how fast we can get deliveries to our door as the industry continues to develop further.