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WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe) is the short form of Windows Management Instrumentation provider service. Being a part of the Windows operating system, it is highly useful in transferring data among different applications as per requirement and request. This transfer of data helps in the system is updated and responsive.

Fix WmiPrvSE.exe Problem

It is also very useful because it produces the technical and administrative scripts of the system as per requirement. If you command a request to WMI Provider Host, it diligently gives an insight to the overall health of the computer. It gives a clear idea of the software health, hard drive health and the complete health profile of the functioning of your Windows System.

Thus, WMI functions as the backbone of the operating system managing the smooth functioning of the entire system.

Understanding CPU Usage

The central processing unit is known as the brain of your computer. It is very important for managing all the processes that are happening on your computer and therefore when your CPU is functioning it is actually overlooking all the processes that are happening in your system.

The CPU therefore sometimes utilizes the utmost level when it comes to multiple applications performing on it and therefore the speed reduces. However, sometimes the effect is to such an extent that you will notice that the CPU is much warmer than it should be during normal functioning and eventually it is also crashing down suddenly frequently or it is also shutting down suddenly. This suggests that something is wrong with the application system.

The best way to find out the overall performance of your CPU and the cause behind which it is not functioning properly is to open the task manager tab and check the performance of the CPU. When the CPU is not functioning due to a problem with the WMI Provider Host, the applications open very slowly from their usual speed. They are also prone to lagging in each command. You must be wondering why this happens. Some applications command way to much information from the WMI Provider Host and hence result in using up a lot of resources on the CPU. Generally, the WMI Provider Host is accustomed to utilizing bare minimum resources on the CPU.

Top 5 Methods to Fix a WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe) High CPU Usage Problem

Method # 1: Restart the WMI Provider Host Service
  1. To do the same, you need to switch on your computer and go to the services bar.
  2. On clicking the same, you will find WMI written easily or else you can use the search bar.
  3. As soon as you figure out the same, you just need to right-click and press restart.
  4. This will help in solving any temporary issue that you have without taking many efforts.
This quick method helps in solving a major problem troubling your system functioning.

Method # 2: Run the System Maintenance Troubleshooter
  1. In order to fix high CPU usage, you can quickly press the windows key on your system and R along with it.
  2. As soon as you get the dialog box opens, type msdt.exe -id Maintenance Diagnostic and then click enter. This is it.
  3. Your work will be done.
Method # 3: Entering the Safe Mode
  1. This can be done by following simple quick steps. Firstly, you need to restart your computer system. When it will restart, you get the option to choose.
  2. That time you choose, troubleshoot and press advanced options in the same. That is when you use to start the startup settings and click restart.
  3. Just then, you need to press number 5 and you thus enter the safe mode networking.
Method # 4: Run the System File Checker Utility
  1. This is a useful method to detect as well as repair the file corruption in your windows system.
  2. On right-clicking the start button, you will get command prompt.
  3. On right-clicking the command prompt admin you will need to type this: sfc /scannow. This will end up scanning all your system files and corrupted files.
Method # 5: Using Event Viewer
  1. When none of the things works you can use this to solve the high usage problem of the CPU via WMI Provider Host.
  2. Firstly, click the start button and then Event Viewer. Post which you need to press the
  3. Show Analytic and Debug Logs.
  4. Your path further will be: -Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > WMI-Activity
  5. At this part, you need to check the operational activity of the WMI Provider Host. This is when you unclick the log causing ones.
These simple and quick steps help in solving all the trouble caused by your CPU when it gets warm. The over-processing is solved and the abnormally high resource usage of WMI Provider Host is solved. Since WMI is such a crucial part of the operating system, it is all the more important for it to be functioning adequately and using nominal resources. So thus, these steps will provide you the fastest way to solve this normal problem occurring in day-to-day life. and make your CPU function normally again.