Friday, August 2, 2019

7:28 AM

Influencing business is on its urge, every brand strive to gain more business promotion and higher sales, working with the great influencer will automatically leverage your business but it will also cost you accordingly, working with the high-end influencers will end up leaving a big hole in your pocket.

Macro Influencers

Micro and Macro Influencers

Micro influencers are normal people who tend to engage people with their day to day life and at last people and brands starts recognizing them as a micro or macro influence depending on their followers range, normally micro-influencers clutches around 10,000 and above followers, micro and macro influencer tends to charge comparatively less than high-end influencers, meanwhile they seem to be more appealing and cost-effective and genuine to the audience and help in broadening brand spectrum to a greater extent surpassing celebrity outreach, as maximum people are found to more emotionally attached with micro and macro-influencers rather than high-end celebrity influencers due to knowing the fact of business dealings of celebrity with brands with high monetary exchange.

How to Find Them?

Finding influencers is quite challenging, you won’t be able to find the most appropriate influencer inclined to your brand type at one go, tons of effort, time and money is to be invested to dig out the right influencer marketer that would help you to achieve firing success with greatest ROI (Return On Investment).

Appropriate Hashtags

Now you can find macro and micro-influencers with brands and popular hashtags, you are required to seek on the running hashtags over social media that will reveal actionable results later and starts working on it accordingly.

Build Networks

Connect with local bloggers, it will help you to check on their latest feeds and the current marketing scenario, connect with people over social media, check on your followers and following list, after examining and checking on range of followers you can even ask one to collaborate with your brand and promote it on their wall, this will support you further to promote and check on blogs connected to your domain type and eventually extend your audience reach.

Keyword Search

Specific keyword searches including location, the domain will be a good start for you, you can use the tools to get lasted keywords and hashtags searches and use the same approach to get the macro and micro-influencer. Be selective while looking for people and tags, they must be authentic and best suited for your brands or domain type.


Use SEO to get the top searches over the internet, it will also indicate you more with the brand visibility and engagement, in addition to this you can turn towards some platform designed to help you with SEO and marketing idea and digging pattern to get the best in the shortest possible tenure.

Google Search

Google search can also help you to get the prime data of macro and micro-influencers around you, you can even go for search typing and restoring data of top influencers around you or top-rated micro-influencers in my city, etc.

Marketing Tools

You can even go with some freely available marketing tools, these tools can help you get search results on micro and macro-influencers with genuine audience and high end plus effective and efficient audience engagement rates, this tool is specifically designed to fetch influencers and measure ROI with attractive UI( User Interface) using demographics and visual filters you can use this tool to build greater audience engagements by making your posts more attractive and appealing.

How to Bring Big ROI with Micro and Macro Influencers

Since, it all depends on your influencer’s marketing strategy and area of expertise, as your influencer knows his audience better and how effectively he can connect with them is in his hands, depending on how he works for your brands to return you with maximum ROI.

Sharing Tips

You can ask your influencers to share your brand products with more expertise and engaging offers with an innovative idea to gain better returns and sales and invites the audience to click on brand’s official page to avail offers so that he can turn up his audience towards your brand’s page.

Ask for Brand Reviews

Promoting and reviewing product both are different so their cost is, ask your brand influencer to share and review your product and content with his audience, it will increase you more reaching and higher brand awareness.

Work with Them

Some influencers don’t want clients inference especially high tire influencers others don’t mind at all, so find one with no problem and don’t overload everything on your influencer, try to work with them and help them in building good content, share your ideas with him so he could work on it and then share it on his page linking and collaborating with yours, it will automatically lower your influencer’s charges.


You can partner with macro or micro-influencer at an exchange of gifts and your products, you can even select a limit line for giveaways like after reaching 1000 clicks on their site you can offer them with one more project, some dealing vouchers, and product hampers.

Account Takeover

This is a another great way to lower your investment on influencer marketing, since micro or macro influencers have highly engaged audience they are perfect for takeover in which the influencers posts directly from your brand’s accounts for a particular period of time either for a day or a week or even you can extend it for months as well.


Marketing with influencers has been never easy plus investment on it is rising day by day, you can just take up small measures while working with micro and macro influencers to bring greater brand awareness and outreach that would eventually help you to save some from your pocket resulting in greater ROI.