Tuesday, December 18, 2012

11:34 PM

30% Of Searches Now Mobile, According To Yellow Pages (YP)

Yellow Pages 30% searches On Mobile

YellowPages.com has released a mobile search report in PDF file. It claims that 30 percent searches on their network were mobile

Now peoples are asking me that what category grew the most. Industrial Manufacturing! Here is that break down:

They wrote:
In the past year, users made an average of 350,000 more local searches every day across the YPSM Local Ad Network compared to the prior year. This growth was primarily fueled by mobile searches, which grew 25% in the same time period, and now account for 30% of all searches on the YPSM Local Ad Network. Many of these searches were made on YPmobile products, the marquee mobile properties of the Network, where searches grew an impressive 161% vs. the prior year.

YellowPages Local Industry Increased

That is staggering a lot, don’t you think?

Now, you guys are asking about top searchers and growth of those searches on mobile?

YellowPages Categories Mobile

If you read this report you can find very useful stats, you can also look the mobile search report yourself.

John Mueller elaborate on Google+ that this is significant and if you are going to go mobile, he has provided Google’s mobile recommendations for going mobile with your site and staying search engine friendly.