Tuesday, July 16, 2013

9:20 PM

Over the course of the past semester, a lot of new, insanely great Android apps came out. And it can be a challenge to find those among the loads of other tools available on Google Play market both for free and for a relatively low price. In this post I’m going to list the most loved Android apps of 2013 covering the most different genres. To stay aware of other IT-related news you’re welcome to visit http://itnews2day.wordpress.com/.

#1 SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

This great, ‘mind-reading’ application will give you the best typing experience. It effectively substitutes your device’s keyboard to provide you with a whole bunch of advanced features. Some of these include: 60 languages support, integrating your social accounts to understand better your manner of writing and others. Actually, this smart app learns as you type and then predicts your next words before you've even decided what to type next :). Use it, you won’t regret.

#2 JuiceDefender

This is an advanced, battery life saving application. It works out of the box. JuiceDefender automatically and transparently explores your device for the most battery-draining components. These could be Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity, for instance.

#3 Business Calendar

This app is probably the most feature-laden calendar app you can find for your Android device. It syncs with your Google calendar and gives you the best user experience. Some of the most remarkable features include: textual and graphical presentation, search function, drag-and-drop functionality, configurable font sizes just to name a few.

#4 Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

This is one of the coolest applications I’ve ever met. It enables you to connect to your PC with high resolution video and audio using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connectivity. You’ll be able to interact with all your multimedia, games and apps. With this insanely cool app there is no need to carry your PC with you - you can access it anytime from anyplace through the Internet connection.

#5 iHeartRadio

This app allows you to stream your favorite radio stations and also create your own custom radio station based on your musical tastes. With this app you can track the latest musical news, view pictures and videos, as well as learn the results of radio contests.

#6 BeerSmith

This is one of the top selling Android apps in its market share. And this is for a reason: this app teaches you to brew beer! It gives you access to thousands of beer recipes. Other great features include specially tailored beer-brewing timer for steep, mash and boil (includes alarams and notifications), ability to save recipes, seven calculators, five unit converters, ingredient reference and even more for the best home brewing experiments!

#7 Instagram

Simple, fast and very handy! Over 130 million people use it all over the world. Instagram allows you to snap, edit and share the most unforgettable, funny and meaningful moments with your friends in a matter of seconds.

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